We are excited to be able to partner with companies and providers throughout the travel, media, social, hotel, lifestyle, and activity industries. We offer free interactive widgets that you can easily place on your site to enhance the experience of your users or more complex/customized integrations. Contact our business development team at to get the conversation started or for more customized partnership opportunities. We would love to hear from you!

Example 1

Hyper-Local interactive widget using our proprietary Woo! Meter. The Woo! Meter uses an algorithmic engine to simplify normally complex and contradicting weather forecasts for consumers on a 1-10 scale.
Woo! Meter Widget

Example 2

Weekend travel widget that shows the top weekend destinations using our proprietary travel engine. We sort through conditions, forecasts, historical averages, and probabilities to show users the best places to travel this weekend.
Weekend Travel Planner Widget